About us

PJM FleetServices was started by Patrick Murphy (Owner), He started the business by getting a van and Fitting it with all the equipment needed.

The first trucks PJM Fleet services maintained was for PLM Transport which had a fleet size of 32 trucks and 40 Trailers, we still maintain these trucks and trailers today which are now owned by ISIS Transport.

We also Maintained 4 trucks owned by Harding Brothers, who now have 1 truck in Avonmouth which we still maintain.

PJM Fleet services have maintained a truck and Trailer for Horcott Haulage Since they first started up at the same time as PJM. Horcott Haulage now have 2 Trucks and 2 Trailers which we still maintain today.

PJM Fleet Services now operates from a 3 bay workshop on Deans Trading Estate in Avonmouth.
Our name is well known as being a company you can trust and rely on to give you a Fleet Maintenance Service you can be proud of. We Maintain a Number of Trucks and Trailers for some of the South west’s well-known companies. Take a look at a list of some of our clients.

The Team

Patrick Murphy

Job title : Owner / workshop manager

Tel: 07794 399 917

E-mail: pjmfleet@hotmail.co.uk

Luke Doyle