At PJM FLEET SERVICES we offer a wide range of services for Trucks and Trailers.

We offer inspections and servicing all the wat through to MOT Preperation and MOT Booking Facility.


We also offer and build a fleet maintainance contract specifically for the needs of your business. We have fixed price inspection and servicing costs.


Also we offer on site fault diagnostics and Air conditioning refills.


If you wish to find out more about our Fleet maintainance Contracts and rates then please contact Our Team on the Details Below.


Email :

Tel: 01179827733 

Listed below our some services we provide:

We have a range of truck parts on site ready to use.


Brakes :

We provide a full brake Repair and replacement service, we conduct brake tests when required. we have a range of brake components on the shelf.


Diagnostics :

We use the latest in TEXA Diagnostics equipment, we can find out any fault at the click of a button for any vehicle. if you want a quick fault diagnosis then were for you.



Clutch checks and replacements for all HGV trucks avaliable from our experienced mechanics. 


Air Conditioning :

Recharging, repairs and testing all done on site by our team.


Batteries :

We supply and fit all HGV Batteries.


Cooling system :

Repair, check and replace any part of the cooling system of any HGV.


Engine Rebuild:

Strip, repair, replace and rebuild hole engine of all makes of HGV.


Some of the other services we provide:

Service planner

Body repairs

Top end set up

Fabricating and welding

Exhaust system repairs and replacement

Suspension checks, repairs and replacement

Steering chech and repairs

Brake Testing

And so much more.